Strategic Planning & Business Planning

CJAM facilitates organizational development through strategic and business planning, two of the key tools designed to measure and achieve growth. Our approach includes multi-phased reviews and analyses, team strategy building, and action planning tailored to the needs and style of the organization. Our process includes organizational assessments, staffing and board structure reviews, administrative systems analysis and restructuring, and new systems orientations/workshops.

Financial Management

CJAM supports institutional financial infrastructure developments through systems analysis focused on annual budgeting procedures, controls and tracking methods, departmental integration and output practices, and project/program budgeting.

Administration and General Operations

Though key elements of any successful organization, administrative and operations needs often lack advance planning, efficient execution, and pre-developed action strategies. CJAM conducts systems reviews and develops action plans to improve administrative efficiency and resources for the following needs:

  • Administrative Management & Resource Allocation
  • Human Resources Development
  • Professional Development and Change Management
  • Information Technology Audit and Planning
  • Internal Systems – Procedural Manuals, Operating Plans, Insurance

Organizations undergoing physical expansion or transition are provided various levels of support based on their expansion goals. CJAM assists organizations with optimizing the use and efficiency of their current facility through space planning, facilities procedures development, and operations manual development.

Project Management/Owner’s Representation

For capital expansion or restoration projects, we support clients with pre-development research, planning, and project management and owner’s representation. We facilitate the planning processing; advise on project coordination within ongoing business operations; support financial management; and liaise with construction managers, architects and engineers on project planning and implementation


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