Historic Dunbar Theatre

Historic Dunbar Theatre

• Feasibility analysis and architectural design planning
• Program partnerships and community integration
• Pro Forma financial modeling
• Economic impact for a new cultural district
Named for poet, novelist and playwright Paul Laurence Dunbar, the Dunbar Theatre was built in 1941 and served as the heart of Wichitas McAdams community's entertainment corridor. The theater operated as a movie house until its closure in 1963. Since closing, the building fell into disrepair as the neighborhood around it suffered from blight, underuse, and dwindling city services.
In 2016, CJAM was engaged to reassess the viability of a 2006 feasibility study, conduct a new comprehensive feasibility analysis including, code, zoning, and adaptable reuse options, and develop a comprehensive business plan to relaunch the theater as a cultural anchor and economic catalyst. CJAM's study resulted in new visibility and involvement by city officials, universities, local businesses and the community, and the securing of $900K in initial capital for the restoration effort.


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