City Of Mount Vernon

City Of Mount Vernon

• Arts, Culture and Heritage Master Plan development and recommendations
• Community, commercial and funding stakeholder engagement
• Field research and analysis
• Zoning, traffic, and infrastructure analysis
• National benchmarking and examples
The City of Mount Vernon is a culturally diverse 4 square mile city on the fringe of NYC yearning to establish its own identity in the shadow of the Big Apple. And while it boasts a list of notable arts and cultural pioneers, the City did not have a definitive understanding of its current arts and cultural landscape.
The City of Mount Vernon Department of Planning and Community Development engaged CJAM to develop an Arts, Culture and Heritage Master Plan that took stock of existing assets and highlighted opportunities for growth and development, in concert with the Citys various existing plans and frameworks. Over six months CJAM worked closely with the Planning Department, funding partners, local businesses and community constituents to research the landscape and outline 23 key strategies for developing arts, culture and heritage in Mount Vernon.


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