Apollo Theater

• Design and facilitation of organization partnerships and integrations plan
• 30,000 square foot facility operations model and transition planning
• Pro-forma financial modeling
The Apollo Victoria Cultural Condominium will be a multidisciplinary cultural arts space within the Victoria Theater development, a mixed-use commercial and residential facility slated to create unparalleled economic and cultural advancements along the 125th Street corridor. A project driven by Empire State Development as a public/private partnership, it will include 99-seat and 199-seat theaters, an art gallery and the shared administrative and production space of three Harlem-based arts institutions. The Apollo Theater, as lead cultural partner, engaged CJAM Consulting to shepherd the partnerships integration, the operating model design and program implementation for the collective. Moving into our second year of the consulting engagement, we are now designing the transition planning and building an expansive and industry leading cultural organization incubation model to help bolster cultural and economic development ofthe 125th Street Corridor.


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